Khouri’s Area Rug Cleaning Difference

For 100 years, Khouri’s Area Rug Cleaning has been in the business of understanding and caring for rugs- how they’re made, when and where they’re made and how best to clean and restore their beauty. Your area rugs are valuable for many reasons. Perhaps they are family heirlooms, new but beloved pieces, or collectibles from a trip overseas. Our customers rely on us to care for their beloved rugs because of our years of experience, hands-on process and integrity.   How we do it.

Not all rug cleaning and repair companies are equal. Area rugs should never be cleaned in the home, especially using steam and/or hot water. Heat will cause buckling, bleeding, and/or shrinking. At Khouri’s, all rugs are brought to our state-of-the art cleaning facility, where we use environmentally safe products. Our approach to rug repair and restoration is to evaluate each rug individually and provide an appropriate recommendation. Over the years, Khouri’s has earned the trust of its clients on Cape Cod, the Islands and the South Shore because we provide an honest assessment of what level of repairs are warranted.

Khouri’s Area Rug Cleaning Process

Before the washing process begins, each rug is inspected to determine the optimal approach. Some of the characteristics evaluated and our unique approaches are as follows:

— Is there potential for color bleeding? If so, Khouri’s adds a stabilizer to the cold water solution to prevent any color runs.
— Are there urine, wine spills or other stains present? If so, a preconditioning treatment will be applied to target each type of stain prior to the washing process.
— All rugs capture pollen, toxins, dust and dirt. Khouri’s uses a vacuuming system on the back of the rug to remove these materials. If not removed properly, these materials will wear your carpet more quickly by acting like sandpaper against the rug fibers.
— After the rug has been cleaned, it hangs in the air to dry naturally. Heated drying will damage the wool fibers so our natural drying process maintains the integrity of the wool.

Our Rug Repair & Restoration Process:

Before any repairs are made, Khouri’s will provide you with our expert opinion of what level of repairs are warranted so you can make an informed decision. Typical repairs include the following:

— Refringing
— Residing
— Renapping worn areas and reweaving damaged areas

All repairs are done by Khouri’s expert in-house weavers in Mashpee, MA.

To maintain the beauty of your rugs, always use a rug pad, rotate rug placement, and have your rugs cleaned every 2 years. And finally, always use a trusted expert like Khouri’s to maintain the integrity of your rugs.

Another key differentiator that sets Khouri’s apart from others is that we’re the only company with a facility located on Cape Cod.

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