Customer testimonials

Khoury's was Great!

Khoury's was great! Joe himself took the phone calls and came to the house to pick up the carpets. The carpets hadn't been cleaned in a long, long time. While there was no damage to the carpets, they were very dull and dirty. Khoury's put them through their very thorough washing process and hung them to dry. The carpets came back bright and immaculate. Joe did say that they had a long waiting list... Joan K.

Customer Service Was A+

I’ve heard so many good things over the years I decided to give them a try. From a business owner myself, The customer service was A+. It was free pick up and delivery, we didn’t have to do anything. My father is older so he asked if they could help out and set up his bed frame before they put my rug back down. They happily did it for us. Those small things make the difference. The rugs looked brand new again, Its so nice having them clean, you don’t even know. Jeffrey H.

High Level of Professionalism

The repairs were performed at a high level of professionalism. Only the weaver (the original creator in Persia or repairer in Mashpee), an expert in oriental rugs the and I could probably notice that anything was done at all. The cleaning however, although it removed all stains and dirt left a scent that we just can't identify. It isn't completely objectionable but it isn't nice either. We don't know if it dry cleaning fluid, a deodorizing and disinfecting substance or just something that only time and fresh air will dissipate. Given that the rug was in such a deplorable state and is many decades old it isn't a surprise at all that this noticeable. This particular rug was 8'8 X 11' and we will try to have some smaller throw rugs repaired and cleaned by Khouri also. Joseph O.

Protect Rug from the Rain

They put something to protect to rug from the rain. They gave me an estimate on how long it would take. They clean it and hang it for days so it can drive. They called to let us know that the rug would take a little longer to dry. In the mean time they have to do something else and discoverd that the braiding can be replace or they can sit it out and get it replace completely. They give you option... Sue C.

They have cleaned and appraised all my orientals!

Very happy with the treatment, and the friendly staff. About $200 per rug, and if I drop off two, they give a discount, sometimes! The only place I will take my rugs. Heather A.

No Muss, No Fuss

Khouri's picked up 3 oriental rugs, cleaned them, and delivered them. No muss, no fuss. The delivery guys positioned the rugs in the room, which was nice because 9x12 rugs can be heavy. Jim C.

We Had A Moth Problem

We had a moth problem. They picked up , treated , cleaned , stored and delivered. Donald L.

Great Product and Service

Great product and service. They treat you right and help you find the carpet you can afford. Ami T.

Odor Completely Came Out

Khouri's seems to be very knowledgeable about caring for Persian rugs. The odor completely came out. I also noticed a vibrancy in the yarn and color of my rugs. I called Khouri's Oriental Rug Co to remove the skunk smell from my three Persian rugs. My dog decided to roll all over my rugs after his run in with a skunk. Jennifer D.

Very Good with Persian Rugs

Khouri's Oriental Rug Co is very good with Persian rugs. The odor came out of my rugs. They even brought out the colors and yarn of my three oriental rugs. I had three rugs cleaned after my dog had a run in with a skunk and decided to roll all over my rugs. Jennifer D.

Khouri's Rug is an exceptional business!

They provide great cleaning services at a reasonable price and are always willing to help when they can. Their knowledge on rugs is unbelievable and Joe and Marion are polite and professional. I would highly recommend Khouri's if you are looking to clean your rugs. And if you want to buy a rug, their once-a-year sale is the place to go. Hundreds and hundreds of handmade rugs to chose from that come from all over the world! Nicole F.

Use them, you won’t regret it!

I had a medium size persian rug cleaned by this company. They were wonderful from the first contact and pick up. they called and described the process and the time frame. they do free pick up and delivery. everyone from my first contact to the delivery gentleman, was flawless. If you are looking to use their services, I highly recommend them. One of the most professional companies, and the kindest people I have ever dealt with here on the cape. Joanne S.


They have done a wonderful job restoring and cleaning my rugs after water damage. Deborah H.

All was Done Professionally

Very well! Furniture had to be moved etc. One rug was 16x 11 All was done professionally and in a timely manner. Laura Y.

Excellent Service

Went fine. Good estimate, prompt service. Anonymous