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About Khouri’s Oriental Rug Company

Khouri's Oriental Rug Company, Oriental Rug

Khouri’s Oriental Rug Company is a family business that spans three generations. Its success is built on trust, expertise and customer service. These three pinnacles are deeply woven into the Khouri’s mission to this day. One of the key differences that Khouri’s brings to its customers is its deep understanding of how rugs are made, where they are made, how they are cleaned and restored and most importantly, we know their value. This expertise has been passed down from generation to generation for an entire century.

Mr. Khouri opened the family business in 1923.  Before opening his first retail store on Boylston Street in Boston, MA, Mr. Khouri traveled by train with sample cases full of handmade linens and rugs to meet his customers. His hard work and dedicated to customer service led to significant growth in the rug business. Mr. Khouri brought in several family members including his son, Ernie to help manage the growing business. The rug business was woven into the fabric of the Khouri family and expanded to the next generation, including Ernie’s daughter Marion.

Marion practically grew up in her father’s store and became a key contributor in helping him expand the family business. She was destined to follow in her father’s footsteps. In 1992, Marion and her business partner, Joe Asack, opened a full-service Oriental rug cleaning, restoration and repair business on Cape Cod. Two decades ago, Joe and Marion leased a small space and handled all of the business aspects personally, including rug pick-ups and drop-offs, cleaning, and repairs. Over the years, the business expanded significantly. Today, the business operates out of their 8,000 square foot plant with a professionally trained crew of rug cleaning technicians and weavers.

Khouri dedication to customer service and to maintaining an old world process to enhance the beauty and value of its clients’ heirloom rugs has made Khouri’s Oriental Rug Cleaning, Repair and Restoration the most trusted name in the industry.

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