Khouri’s Area Rug Cleaning

Khouri’s Area Rug Cleaning process is based on 100 years of experience!

Khouris Fleet of Trucks pick up & delivers rug all over Southeast MassachusettsKhouri’s area rug cleaning includes free rug pickup and delivery throughout our service area. Once our truck arrives at our plant in Mashpee, on Cape Cod, our professional crew unloads your rug and rolls it out for an inspection.

How We Start Your Area Rug Cleaning

Once the inspection is complete your rug is moved to a special grate where it is turned on its back so that the side you normally see is on the grate. This suspends the rug, upside down an inch or two above the floor. Our trained technician then guides a machine we call a Thumper over entire underside of your rug several times. The Thumper creates a vibration that loosens the dirt and grime embedded in the rug’s fibers.

Because the rug is suspended upside down upon the grate and elevated above the floor, the vibration created by the Thumper aided by gravity makes the heaviest dirt fall from the nap onto the floor under the grate. This process continues until it stops producing significant results. Then the rug is turned right side up.

How We Vacuum Your Area Rug

With the rug still resting atop the grate, our technician uses a powerful commercial grade vacuum cleaner to suck up any remaining dirt after being thumped. This vacuuming process continues several times until it stops recovering noticeable dirt from the fibers.  The rug is then moved to the shampooing bay.

How We Shampoo Your Area Rug

The rug is then carefully inspected for any stains like urine or other substances that may require special treatment. Once the source of a stain is identified, we spot-spray it with a specially formulated, biodegradable solution that targets the stains substance yet is safe for the rugs fibers as well as the environment.

We then thoroughly shampoo the rug using a biodegradable shampoo. After shampooing we rinse the shampoo from the rug and then extract the dirty water from the rug. Some companies don’t do that. We then use a grooming rake to straighten the pile that was twisted in the shampooing process so the pile fibers will all lay in the same direction. Otherwise, the rug would look shady.

We Air Dry Your Area Rug Naturally

We then hoist the cleaned rug about 25 feet in the air and allow it to dry naturally over 3 days. We never use artificial heat. A lot of companies use heat but that is a mistake. Heat damages the tips of the wool. This damage is irreversible and the rug will never be the same again.

Completing Your Area Rug Cleaning

After the 3 day drying period, the rug is taken down and is vacuumed once again, after which is inspect the fringes. If the fringes look dirty, we hand rewash just the fringes and reinspect the rug. Once the rug passes the final inspection, we roll it back up and deliver it to the customer.

Area Rug Safe Storage Available

Another service we offer is if the customer isn’t ready to use the rug right away, we can wrap the rug to protect it and store it for them. It is important that valuable rugs be stored properly. If not stored properly they are likely to get moth eaten or otherwise damaged.


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