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Rug Fiber Protection Systems

Fiber Protection Systems - Accidents happen. Are you protected?

Fiber Protection Systems

Whether a 100 year old oriental or a newer fine area rug, you have made an investment in both time and money when selecting your floor coverings. So, when an accident happens – a drink is spilled, a plate knocked over, dirty footprints…or paw prints! – give your rug the best possible chance to avoid permanent staining with a premium protective treatment.

Premium protective treatments by Fiber Protection Systems are available EXCLUSIVELY through Khouri’s Oriental Rug Co.

About Our Service

Fiber Protection Systems (FPS) offers the most comprehensive textile protection and care system currently available for floor coverings, and fine furnishings, in both residential and commercial environments.
– Our EXCLUSIVE partnership with Khouri’s Oriental Rug Co. means no other rug cleaning company can offer the same level of protection.
– True-Seal DS, a proprietary two-part protector developed specifically for 100% wool rugs, provides both stain resistance and repellency not found in other protectors.
– Fiber ProTector, applied to rugs not 100% wool, is the most technically advanced protector on the market. FPS is the only authorized Fiber ProTector licensee in Southeastern MA, Cape Cod, & the Islands.
– With each protective treatment, a Textile Care Kit and Maintenance Guide is provided so spots/spills can be addressed immediately.
– Reduced cost Spot & Spill visits are provided for textiles protected by FPS.
– To learn more about Fiber Protection Systems, visit our web site at myfiberprotection.com

The benefits of FPS protective treatments include:

– Effective shield against most oil and water based stain causing liquids
– Provides easy stain release and removal
– Prolongs the life of your rugs and carpets
– Provides protection without affecting the feel/hand of the textile
– Protects against UV sun-fading
– Makes vacuuming more effective by removing more soil than on untreated fabrics
– All FPS protection products are safe for wool


– 100% Wool: FPS True-Seal DS $1.75 per square foot
– Viscose or any Viscose derivative including blends: Fiber ProTector $2.00 per square foot
– Silk: Fiber ProTector $1.75 per square foot
– All other rugs: Fiber ProTector $1.50 per square foot
Note: Fiber ProTector can be substituted for True-Seal DS on wool rugs if so desired

Fiber Protection Systems • 617-874-7380 • info@myfiberprotection.com

Khouri’s Oriental Rug Co. • 508-477-2323 • khourisrug@yahoo.com